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Wireless Engineer

Huawei (Chile) S.A.



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Publicado: 17/01/2020

Finaliza: 01/02/2020

In Huawei Chile we're looking for a Wireless Engineer to join our department

1. Be responsible for wireless maintenance engineers, perform the preceding product maintenance and fault analysis, support routine maintenance, fault locating, and troubleshooting of wireless products, and proactively prevent and ensure network security.
2. Be responsible for the TD/TL of wireless engineering delivery. Be responsible for engineering project delivery of 2G/3G/4G/5G and OMC wireless products, manage project delivery technical solutions, and solve or guide others to handle various product technical problems in engineering.
3. Be responsible for training engineers and transfer skills to customers and subcontractors through training and on-site support.
4. Cooperate with the market in pre-sales technical support and customer communication.

Detalle Oferta:

Área de desempeño:
Metropolitana de Santiago
Las Condes
Lugar de Trabajo:
Metropolitana de Santiago, Las Condes
Duración Contrato:
FIxed then indefinite
Jornada Completa


Requisitos Minimos:
Professional knowledge:
1. Skills requirements: Have a good command of the principles of all or some 2/3/4/5G products, know the antenna and transmission knowledge, and have related product maintenance and engineering experience.
2. Operational capacity: Have basic product delivery capabilities, including network planning and design, project delivery software commissioning, hardware supervision, and acceptance test capabilities. Be familiar with the operation process of wireless project implementation.
3. Project experience: At least TD/TL of the two wireless projects have been held. The project scale (new deployment/capacity expansion) requires more than 200 sites.

Business skills:
1. Bachelor degree or above in communications, electronics, computer, etc. 2-6 years or above working experience in the communications field;
2. Have good English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and be able to work as a working language.
3. Have strong communication and expression capabilities, strong initiative, logical rigour, and strong proactive service awareness.
4. Have the capability of interpreting contracts. Identify and explore key points. Risk identification
5. Have good communication skills with peripheral departments and customers. Be able to analyze problems and solve problems.
Experiencia Mínima:
Más de 2 años
Estudios mínimos:
Situación Académica:
- Aprendizaje rápido
- Capacidad de organización del trabajo
- Trabajo en equipo
Idiomas Requeridos:
  • Inglés

    Escrito: Alto - Hablado: Alto - Traducción: Alto

  • Español

    Escrito: Alto - Hablado: Alto - Traducción: Alto


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